A monumental piece that embodies the feel of our New England coast.Painted from life from 7:00am to 8:00pm, capturing a single scene as the tide recedes and returns.  

Summer Tide
Oil on wood panel
5 panels, 36 x 36 inches each
$16,000 framed


A quiet subject with moving brushwork. Painted from life beside the studio window. These fleeting flowers provided endless variety and move like a human sitter while being painted.

July Peonies
Oil on panel
20 x 16 inches
$2,300, framed


Painted on an early Summer morning before a day of bad weather rolled in. The light warmed the usual silver sands resulting in beautiful pinks and cyans.

Morning Sands
Oil on linen
10 x 10 inches
$860 unframed


As the seasons change, the sun warms up and dips into the studio window during the afternoon. This jade plant has been an ever-evolving subject for the past couple years. Missed waterings, little kids, and times of growth have created a wonderful, organic shape that when paired with the pattern of light coming from the window pattern, created a wonderful composition.

Afternoon Jade
Oil on panel
18 x 24 inches
$3200 framed